Who we are

Our Vision is to Develop our players into Premier footballers that will Exceed their potential through Mentorship and coaching while acquiring qualities that foster Success for the rest of their lives. We envision a community that loves this sport and all are Welcome, but our member’s and staff’s passion transcends the now, providing Complete developmental training with premier Respect, Communication, and Discipline.

We train players from clubs all across Kentucky.

What we do

Step 1


Get time on your schedule for 1-on-1 player evaluation with one of our knowledgeable coaches.

Step 2


Complete your evaluation and receive feedback on your strengths and areas of opportunity.

Step 3


Work weekly with a coach to improve on these key areas and take your game to the next level.

Starting Out

For each player, prior to training we do a thorough evaluation and analysis to gain a baseline upon which we

will build. We evaluate based on technical, tactical, physical and mental ability. We do this so that we can focus

on their weak points and sharpen their strengths to create an all-around well-developed player.

1 on 1   –  2 on 1   –   3 on 1:

What happens?

Focused and individualized training sessions created for each unique player based on their evaluation. In 2 on1 and 3 on 1 sessions the lessons are adapted to fit the group as a whole. 

What do we work on?

Technical skills - improve first touch, footwork, passing accuracy, and proper technique.

Tactical skills - improve decision making skills on and off the ball.

Physical skills - improves body strength, coordination, speed and agility.

Mental skills - improves positivity, encourages positive self-talk, develops successful mentality.

How do we do it?

Our coaches understand each player is different and needs individualized training. Our evaluation provides the basis for which our sessions will work. We maintain an open environment and are always adapting to ensure our players have the Premier approach to their needs.


1on1 Lessons - $250 per month – this includes 1 session per week

2on1 Lessons - $350 per month – this includes 1 session per week for 2 players and 1 coach

3on1 Lessons - $450 per month – this includes 1 session per week for 3 players and 1 coach

Group Work (8-12 students)

What Happens?

Focuses mostly on tactical skills. These sessions help players understand strategies to out-maneuver your opponent. Group work helps emulate game settings and teaches the fundamentals of utilizing numbers, pockets and spaces. This is essential to effective play.


To Be Decided

Game Analysis

What Happens?

Player chooses game film to analyze. Coach will pre-watch film in advance of session and come prepared to discuss the most essential parts of the game filmed. This is designed for players to better understand their own strengths and weakness and can aid in faster development.


Players can supply their own game film. This can be analyzed with the player as a substitution for one of their weekly sessions or an additional session can be added for an extra fee.

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JOGA BONITO Skills Program (12 players) 


Focuses on individual skills and combining sequences of moves. This will help players build confidence to use effective moves during the game and helps build creativity. 

PST Summer Package

To Be Announced

Bundled Deal That Cannot Be Beaten!

Where we do it

Our training takes place at King Louie Sports Complex.

600 N English Station Rd, Louisville, KY 40223